GDPR compliance


You have two choices in the way you perceive

the GDPR: punishment or opportunity.

Choice 1

Think of this regulation as a punishment and you will do the minimum by swearing that you are fully compliant. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything for you. 

Choice 2

Think of this regulation as an opportunity and you will seek to be compliant for real and without constraint. Congratulations, you are on the right track!

The GDPR is a piece of legislation that can only be complied with when it is technologically embedded and that it applies in real time and continuously on your production data.

This is the Master Data Platform of Black Tiger.

Your compliance guaranteed

Our GDPR score integrates the articles of the regulation. Black Tiger presents the evolutions of its GDPR module every year to the European authorities..

GDPR score

Our GDPR score is calculated, per individual, per processing and for your entire data base. This gives you control over the use of your data.

Integrated management interface

Through the interface of the GDPR module , you can see in real time and continuously, the impact of your processing on the GDPR score.


Native compliance

Be confident about the use of personal data by consistently applying the Regulation to all your batch processes.


Full compliance

Individual rights, traceability, register of processing, retention period, protection, etc. We deal with ALL GDPR issues.

Compliance without boundaries

The GDPR module adapts to the regulations in force according to the geographical area (LGPD, law 64, CCPA).