USE-CASE – My PLATFORM,        brick by brick

“The Black Tiger data management technology modules are gradually being implemented, as I wish, in my IT.”


Build my relational and document data model with a hybrid database engine.

Work with a reliable, up-to-date customer database to meet the expectations of the business teams.

Make queries on my database with very fast response times and an interface accessible to all.

Easily segment marketing campaigns even with high volumes.

Implement a GDPR solution to ensure compliance of all actions carried out on my customer / prospect database.

fully customisable UI to translate business processes as simply as possible.

“I didn’t set out to take a tool from the market: modelling data, improving its quality, segmenting it for multi-channel marketing campaigns, managing the GDPR, I didn’t know of a tool that could do all that.”

IT Director


A single source of truth about the data in breaking down silos in the different tools used for data-related issues to simplify the data approach and reduce IT costs.


parallel tech systems

different departments to manage the data

TB of data volume

different flows


modular approach allowing the progressive  implementation of the different modules offered by Black Tiger

A implementation gradualsmooth, in the existing IT environment, at the pace desired by the teams  

A controlled budget, whatever the volumes, data flows, number of users

From processing time considerably reduced

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