Use-Case Automotive

The 360° customer view AND the 360° product view at the service of customer relations


Knowing all the points of contact the customer has with the brand: products purchased, dealerships visited, repairs carried out, …

Track the entire life cycle of the vehicle: date of resale of the vehicle, tracking of owners, workshop visits, …

Manage marketing and sales campaigns on behalf of dealers at local and national level

Ensuring the GDPR compliance of all campaigns carried out with clients and prospects

“When the customer comes into my dealership, I want to know everything immediately: which motorcycle/car he/she has, what he/she has been through in the workshopwhat repairs have been done, on what date and for what amount.

Dealership Manager

“I want to offer targeted operations to my customers. To do this, I need to know their vehicle, but also the one they have had before, the frequency of maintenance and the accessories they have purchased. All this is essential for me.

Marketing Manager


In an ultra-competitive, low-growth market, the objective is to win market share from competitors and to retain customers through a very good knowledge of their relationship with the brand





Ingestion of non-standardised flows from 400 different dealerships

Dematerialisation of all receipts and invoices for all the brand’s customers

360° view of the customer with all points of interaction with the brand


360° view of the vehicle with all owners, all workshop passages

Activation of marketing campaigns at national and local level


360° product view

All the owners of a vehicle, the dates of resale, of workshop visits, all the contact points of the vehicle accessible in 1 click.

360° customer view

Previous brand purchased, amount of repairs, workshop visits, all points of contact between the customer and the brand accessible in one click.

Effective customer relations

Targeted campaigns, adapted promotional operations in prospecting and customer management.

 GDPR compliance guaranteed

Online GDPR risk calculation, right to be forgotten, right to rectify, secure data storage for ongoing compliance.