How a brand of mineral water builds loyalty with data

How can first party data build better brand loyalty for a mineral water brand?

Our collaboration with this brand started off as a CRM consultancy track, helping our customer to develop a broader strategic vision for a diversified product range. The brand wished to develop direct communication with a broad group of consumers and customers in order to stimulate a commitment to the brand and achieve cross-sell between product groups.

This collaboration led to a second track

To support these ambitions, the brand clearly needed a more performant data management solution, for which the following aspects were important:


Bringing together all data sources in one Master Data Platform, in order to develop a Single Customer View, across product groups and marketing programs.


Create more visibility on the data via dashboarding which allows to follow up on the success of the marketing programs and loyalty building content programs.


Set up a fully automated content journey, both via e-mail and post, to make the content program more efficient


Support in implementing GDPR compliance


Provide services to the brand’s marketing team, by taking care of all the technical hassles of data management and marketing automation

The data management solution developed by Black Tiger now corresponds with the brand’s needs and ambitions.

Moreover, the brand’s marketing team continues to benefit from the support of a dedicated team: a database manager who takes care of all technical processes and questions, a digital team responsible for all digital campaigns and a customer success manager assisting the brand with tactical and strategic advice in interpreting results and setting up new initiatives.