Creation of 360 consumer and product view in automotive industry

Data unification from offline and online sources 


How to keep track of every interaction of the client with the brand? 

 Need to consolidate data from many touchpoints: various dealerships, car services, etc.

How to follow entire lifecycle of the single vehicle?  

Regardless of ownership to be aware of the full history of a car, such as owners identification, workshops visits.

How to manage marketing and sales campaign on behalf of many dealers?

Introduction of personalized and geo-targeted marketing in full GDPR compliance  


“When customer comes into my dealership, I would like to have quick access to information: details of the vehicle, history of repairs, information on additional features. It has a direct impact on the .”    

Dealership Manager

Black Tiger delivered complete Data Quality solution, meeting the needs of the client, guaranteeing best-in-class quality and simplicity of implementation:

Implementation in 9 countries in Europe, North America and Asia 

Easy implementation and full compatibility with systems of the client

 Autocomplete functionality enabling real-time validation

AI algorithms supported by reference data  

Fast and simple implementation of the solution

Scalability over time, depending from business needs of the client

“Black Tiger is a modular platform that allows for great flexibility in installation but also scalability over time, so it continues to answer our evolving business needs.

Solution is based on well-developed artificial intelligence algorithms that are supported by qualified references, hence the importance of this solution for us.”

Mouhamad Dimassi, Manager Data Governance OVHcloud