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OVHcloud chooses Black Tiger for its International Data Quality.

“It offers native and international data quality that covers all our needs in each country”.

Manager Data Governance, OVHcloud 


If you are looking for just a CDP, you are a step behind…

Just as we moved from the Blackberry to the iPhone, it is time to move on from the Customer Data Platform to...


No more “Garbage in, Garbage out”

Garbage in, Garbage out”. Everyone says it, everyone knows it and still everyone deals with it. Everyone but you, that’s why you’re here.

GDPR compliance for real

You want to be truly compliant.

For you and your customers.

Because you have understood why.


Some divide, some unify…

It is obvious to you that data can be managed as a whole and that the technical, organizational, political and budgetary comfort of ‘silos’ is an illusion.

No technical performance, no data

Technological performance is the driving force behind the digital natives


Public Cloud: tired of a nightmare deployment? 

My code HOW I want, WHERE I want, WHEN I want.

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