BLACK TIGER, creator of the Master Data Platform, raises €14.5 million in financing

Paris, February 1, 2023 – Black Tiger, a French software publisher and European market leader in Big Data platforms, has raised €14.5 million in funding. The investors are Arcole and Finance&, and the funds raised are to be used to expand the company.

In 2015, Black Tiger created the market’s first “Master Data Platform” – an innovative technology that enables simplification of data management processes and full control throughout the data usage cycle.

The platform makes it possible to collect, store and intelligently and efficiently use data in a way that is user-friendly for both technical and business teams, ultimately increasing their productivity.

Platfoma provides innovative solutions for RODO compliance. It is distinguished by its technology agnostic and modular design. These unique features are the result of expertise transferred directly into the platform’s various functionalities. The solution enables processing of data from any source, making data virtualization realistically effective.

The additional funding of €14.5 million will enable Black Tiger to continue developing its innovative technology and strengthen its position in the European market.

We are pleased with the investment of Arcole and Finance& and thank them for their confidence in our company and technology. The Black Tiger Group is thrilled to offer its customers increasingly innovative and effective data management solutions. Master Data Platform is an indispensable technology solution for companies wishing to remain competitive in an ever-changing market environment.” Anne-Tania Desmettre, CEO of Black Tiger Group

Arcole supports small and medium-sized French companies with high potential. Black Tiger has proven that its proprietary Master Data Platform solution enables companies to manage data at the highest level. We share the strategic vision of Black Tiger’s management team and are confident in its ability for growth plans in France and internationally.” Delphine Inesta and Renaud Sueur, Managing Partners of Arcole.

Black Tiger offers an innovative solution for data analytics and RODO compliance assurance, addressing the digital transformation challenges facing many companies. We are aware that the global market related to Big Data and data analytics continues to grow. We are also persuaded by the expertise of the management, the quality of the tool offered and the prospects for developing Black Tiger’s new research and development center in the Brussels region.”- Pierre Hermant, CEO and Christine Hick, Investment Manager at Finance&



  • 40%: that’s how much global data volume is growing year-on-year
  • 90% of existing data assets were generated within the last two years


  • Big Data market projected to grow 12.8% by 2025



ABOUT BLACK TIGER: The Black Tiger Group, with a presence in France, Belgium, Poland and Canada, generated 28 million euros in turnover in 2021. At present, the company’s customer base includes more than 250 entities from various sectors, including retail, automotive, FMCG, tourism, and non-profit organizations.

ABOUT ARCOLE: Arcole is an independent management company approved by the AMF under registration number GP20225 and owned by its partners. Arcole manages funds to support French SMEs with high growth potential that generate between €20 million and €250 million in turnover.

Arcole was founded by former managers of investment holding company Arcole Industries, which has been investing in France since 2009.

ABOUT FINANCE&INVEST.BRUSSELS: Finance& is a private equity / venture capital firm dedicated to enabling the financing of value-creating companies in the Brussels region.